Sonic Message Manager Manual

You may use Sonic Message Manager only with a valid license for Sonic MQ (it won’t do you any good without anyway). Sonic™ Message Manager is not supported, endorsed by or affiliated with Progress Software in any way. Do not contact Progress Software with questions or remarks. Instead, e-mail one of the developers mentioned in the chapter "developer contact information".

Sonic is a trademark of Progress Software.

Sonic Message Manager is free software, released under the Apache License 2.0. The source code for Sonic Message Manager is included in the application jar file and also available on the application website (

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Running SMM
Connection overview
Required permissions for using SMM
3. Short overview
Queue browser tab
Topic subscriber tab
Message sender tab
4. Viewing messages
5. Sending messages
Drag & drop to send a message
Select a file to send
Compose a message
Move message between queue's
Other instances of message manager
6. Saving messages
Save a single message
Save multiple messages
Save multipart message(s)
7. Developer contact information
A. Configuration file
B. Third party licenses
MiG InfoCom AB
C. Changelog
Changelog version 2.3.1
Changelog version 2.3
Changelog version 2.2
Changelog version 2.1
Changelog version 2.0
Changelog version 1.7
Changelog version 1.6.2
Changelog version 1.6.1
Changelog version 1.6
Changelog version 1.5
Changelog version 1.4
Changelog version 1.3
Changelog version 1.2
Changelog version 1.1
Changelog version 1.0