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First Message Manager 3.0 Beta is available

February 14th, 2015 Comments off

I’ve been working on Message Manager 3.0, which will replace the 2.x branch Sonic Message Manager in time. This will be a separate download and will not automatically upgrade from 2.x versions for technical reasons. There are major changes in the application, but most of those are invisible to the users:

  • Internal refactoring that allows for a plugin system in the near future. It will be possible to create and install plugins for custom message formats, other messaging systems, new UI tabs and more.
  • Syntax highlighting XML editor/viewer
  • Faster download due to Pack200 compression, it’s now less than 3MB to download.
  • Java 6 is now required
  • Support for Sonic 6.1 was dropped
  • Support for Sonic 2015 was added

The first beta version of 3.0 is available for download here. These versions will automatically update to the latest code on a nightly basis and should be considered unstable.

The source code for this version is available on Bitbucket, please report any issues here.

Future versions of Message Manager 3.0 will no longer be specific to a particular version of Sonic MQ. At that time, you will have to download a new version of the application.


Nightly Builds Signed With New Certificate

December 14th, 2014 Comments off

I’ve obtained a new code signing certificate and used it to sign the nightly builds. Since this is a new certificate, you may see error messages if Java Web Start was unable to update all downloaded files at once. If you get a message stating that “Not all files are signed with the same certificate” or “The signed version does not match the downloaded version”, clear your Java Web Start cache and try again.

In rare cases, Java Web Start may get stuck and there is no way to fix it. In that case, you will have to resort the stable builds or offline installation for 24h to give Java Web Start some time to realize that it needs to update the rest of the files.


Sonic Message Manager 2.6 Released

October 26th, 2014 Comments off

Sonic Message Manager 2.6 has just been released. The changes in this version are:

Please give it a try and let me know of any issues. Special thanks to Sujeeth Nayak and Romeu Flores for contributing code to this release.