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Topic support is coming!

June 26th, 2009 Comments off

In the new nightly build (available now), there is some alpha-level topic support. In order to include this, a lot needed to change. Therefore I urge everyone to give the nightly a good shakedown.

Special thanks go to Hai Nguyen from Flusso for writing the initial version of this code! Not all of it has been properly integrated yet, I’m still working on that.

Things that are known to be missing:

  • No way to delete messages from a topic buffer so OOM is unavoidable over time
  • Topics added to the topic subscriber table are not yet saved
  • There is no way to send a message to a topic

These issues are known and will be addressed as time permits. When you find an issue not on this list, please report it on trac. You will need to create a wordpress account first and then use that to log into trac.

You can also e-mail the bugs to gdr at progaia dash rs dot nl.