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Sonic Message Manager v1.5 released

July 22nd, 2008 2 comments

Sonic Message Manager v1.5 has been released moments ago. The following changes have been made (apart from the usual small bugfixes present in every release):

  • 83: Configurable message sending delay
  • 84: Sonic 7.6 support
  • 86: XML Messages with non-Xml content weren’t being displayed properly

Have fun with it!


Version 1.5 coming up

July 15th, 2008 Comments off

I know I told you all that there would not likely be a version 1.5, I was wrong. Several people have requested the following features to be added and I didn’t want to wait for 2.0 to make them happy.

  • (#83) Configurable message sending delay. This will allow you to send messages with a (small) delay and will let you perform simple performance tests without soaking the ESB with a large amount of messages at a much-too-high rate.
  • (#84) Sonic 7.6 support.

Version 1.5 will appear when it’s done but I’m aiming to release it this month. In the mean time, the nightly build process has been switched to the 1.x branch and #83 has already been implemented. Feel free to test it and report bugs and suggestions.