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Looking for a new open source license

September 2nd, 2009

Sonic Message Manager has always been licensed under the GNU GPL. I have become aware of the fact that this license is not appropriate for the program and the various libraries it needs to work. Because of that the license will need to change.

I have not yet decided which open source license to choose and would like some input on this from anyone with experience in this field. The license that will eventually be applied will need to have at least the following characteristics:

  • Allow modification and redistribution of the source code and binaries by anyone or any company;
  • Does not restrict what other software or source code can be bundled together with (modified) SMM code or binaries.
  • Using closed source libraries in SMM and using parts of SMM in closed source applications must be allowed as long as the SMM code used in the process is made available to the users.

If you have an idea of which license would appropriate to use, please contact me or reply in the comments.

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