Sonic Message Manager 2.6 Released

October 26th, 2014 Comments off

Sonic Message Manager 2.6 has just been released. The changes in this version are:

Please give it a try and let me know of any issues. Special thanks to Sujeeth Nayak and Romeu Flores for contributing code to this release.


Source code moved to Bitbucket

August 11th, 2014 Comments off

To resolve issues with people trying to get access to the source code of Sonic Message Manager, I moved it to Bitbucket. I’m also using their issue tracker now instead of using a local instance of Trac. This means that the source code is now available at:

And the issue tracker is available at:

I copied all open issues from the old Trac database to the Bitbucket issue tracker. Since this was a manual process, I may have missed some information and some triage will need to be done to make sure all is ok.

Please create any missing issues, fork, code and create pull requests as you see fit.


Sonic Message Manager 2.5 released

January 20th, 2014 2 comments

Sonic Message Manager 2.5 has just been released. The major changes are:

  • Support for Sonic 2013 (8.6) added
  • Code signing with proper CA certificate instead of self-signed certificates
  • Added size column in the queue table for version of Sonic that support it (7.0 or later)
  • Added donate button on the connection tab

I noticed that some users are having trouble with auto-updating because the code signing certificate has changed. It may be neccesary to remove the application using the Java Web Start control panel (run javaws -viewer from the command line) and then reinstall it. Simply downloading a new jnlp file from the website may not be sufficient to get Java Web Start to update all previously downloaded jar files.